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  • Day10

    The sun sets on our time in Halong bay

    January 22, 2017 ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    As the sun sets on the last full day in Halong bay and the second last day in Vietnam I reflect on the awesome time we've had here.

    Vietnam is really such a rich cultural experience. Interesting food, some out of this world tasty and some to weird and wonderful for my liking. The people here seem to have a constant fight for survival due to poverty and lack of education. The natural beauty here is off the charts but I am afraid a lot has been lost due to pollution and over population. Natural treasures will disappear due to the lack of education around conservation and putting back into nature.

    Personally I have grown in the past few days both as traveler and person.
    I will forever have a different view on whats essential for my happiness, as this place has really challenged my views of what I really need.
    I have pushed my own boundaries when it comes to food and the space that I am comfortable in.
    Traveling Vietnam is not for the faint hearted, and most people won't even consider to attempt it unless they have a well planned itinerary before arriving. We had the main tours booked before we arrived but figured out most things while we were here. Not only did this give me the guts to wing it in any country, I almost want to say we made a mistake to organize so much before we arrived. In Cambodia we are going to start with nothing, we only booked flights in and out and the first couple of nights accommodation, we obviously have an idea of what we want to see but we will only start arranging it when we hit the ground.

    I learnt so much about Isabel in Vietnam, it almost feels like we are dating again. She really surprised me when it comes to food, i didn't realize she was this fussy. I knew she likes luxury but not the extent of it. I also did not know she loves seawater pearls.

    I have to be honest I did not know much about Vietnam before we arrived, other than the war. It is the Vietnam war that probably got it on the wishlist for me. Even if we did not spend anytime at war museums or locations. This place is so much more than just the war.
    I am so thankful for the time spent in Vietnam and truly glad that this lovely country made it onto our wish list.

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