• Day17

    Coffee with a view

    February 21, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Awake since 5am for some bizarre reason!! I read tried to fall back to sleep, by 6.20 I gave up, made coffee as quietly as possible and sneaked outside to watch the sunrise on our balcony.

    I laced up to be at the gym @7am, when it opens, for a much dreaded long run - which I need to do if I want to comfortably run the two oceans. I nipped into the restaurant grabbed a small homemade organic health bar (a bit too much raisins for my liking) to at least have a bit of energy.

    I kept going by flipping around between bbc news, a travel channel, cooking channel and my ipod. I started very slow, aimed to get the first 3km done and then just hang in there. I didn't plan much, thought if I can do 1.15 minutes regardless of distance , it will be a good start, being 8 weeks away from easter weekend. Roedolf made his appearance, did some yoga and then felt inspired to run too, I kept going ...for another 30 minutes.

    17km boom !! 1.48minutes not fast but hey its precious time on my legs and I survived on the treadmill which I absolutely hate.

    No more excuses- just do it!!
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