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  • Day1

    Buffet 101 with the Millers

    February 24, 2017 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Bernie picked us up from the airport and we got our first taste of Manila traffic on the way to the Buffet 101 restaurant at Manila bay.

    We ended up driving around for about 30 minutes to get a parking space, passing by at least 10 parking garages because Bernie didn't fancy to wait in a queue. I totally get the frustration of waiting in a queue but sometimes its just quicker to be patient and get into the queue than drive around for hours looking for a parking space.

    The restaurant offers 101 different dishes, I must say it quite intimidating walking around the buffet as there is just so many choices.

    Bernie and Mellany have 3 beautiful daughters, a one month old baby (Marian Bella), 10 year old (Shania Marie) and 15 year old (Riane). Shania Marie is clearly to wise for her size (in afrikaans we will call her "'n snip"), she does not stop talking for a second, while we enjoyed her she is clearly the bane of poor Riane's existence when she bulbs out things like, "she has a boyfriend and my dad don't like that." Riane is clearly at that age where she has a lot going on outside her family and that her dad who moved back home after 10 years away, actually cramps her style. I can't help think how hard it must be to be a dad of a teenage daughter.

    It was wonderful to experience their family dynamics and to spend time with the Miller's.

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