• Day23


    September 19, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    2 days ago we went to GORGE SURLOUP. The up near a mountain. The hill above it was massive there was a little waterfall the looked man made and on the top of the grassy mountain was a small church looking building. The little dams up and down the river were so cute and we saw things like little caves under rocks beneath the cold clear water. As we were walking across the long scary bridge I walked on loose boards and it felt it won't hold. The boulders we saw were huge and all those cartoon rock stacks we saw one it look like in could stand the hard winds and was going to fall. There was little spar holes. Soon after we had lunch near a tiny little medieval village we walked so much down a path that we just wanted to look at we found our selfs looking at the place we just came from on a huge bridge the we saw while eating lunch. The bridge was so high up it felt like we were walking on sunshine.

    Yesterday we went to nice ( nees ) were we took a tram to PROMENADE D'ANGLAIS where we walked across the beach and had a crape for lunch. The beachs in FRANCE it is all rocky instead of sandy. They had to place sad on the rocks.

    Today we went to some little villages were we saw little art shops candy shops. On the hill we saw lots of little villages like NICE ( nees ) PONT DU LOUP. The views were great. Soon in another village were we ate lunch we saw twin cats, cats at shops, cats sitting at front doors and sadly a lost cat poster. All the cat we did saw were cute. All the views that we saw were awesome. When we got back to our lovely tall home it was late in the afternoon I sat on the couch were I posted this text.
    THE END!!!😋
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