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  • Day242

    Day 1 In Chitwan National Park

    April 27, 2019 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 35 °C

    Hello everyone! Today we arrived in Chitwan National Park at around 12:30 and we were settled into our hotel by 1:00! Just a quick update, Chitwan is a national park which is home to lots of animals and is a very touristy place with lots of hotels! Today at 5:15 we started a walk through the village surrounding our hotel and lots of huge Asian elephants passed us! The guide showed us a cool cotton tree with cotton hanging of its branches! A storm had started and we could hear faint thunder and little drops of rain started to bounce off our heads! After about 25 minutes of walking we came to a large field with a little river flowing gracefully through the middle of the field! My parents apparently saw two alligator eyes poking out of the water but none of the kids saw them☹️! We kept walking and we saw huge clumps of poo which are actually rhino droppings and they supposedly come back to the same spot every time to do their business! After that we went to a fenced area where we saw 4 kinds of wild deer! Unfortunately the kids were too small so they couldn’t see very well☹️! By this time the storm had gotten bigger with lots of thunder and winds were getting stronger and the rain was falling faster and faster by the second! After that another tour guide started shouting at his group “Rhino Rhino Rhino!” We all ran and sure enough in another fenced off field three rhinos were grazing quietly on the tall grass! They had huge plates like armour and long horns and although we had already seen them in the Montpellier Zoo, it was nothing compared to seeing them in the wild! Suddenly their was a huge thunderclap and a zap of lightning from the sky! Rain started pouring in us and huge gusts of wind almost blew us over! We watched as the rhino’s walked back into the dense forest as cotton from the trees started falling of and flying through the air at high speed! Unfortunately we didn’t get a video but it was really cool😎😜!
    We managed to get all the way back to our hotel just as the storm got worse! We were just recovering from our final sprint back to the hotel and my dad went to check outside and he saw a man cleaning the pool with a long metal pole! Talk to you soon! Malcolm😎🤓😜😝😇😃🥳🤩🤯💩👽
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    Hugh Paisley

    Malcolm. In spite of your goofy pictures that was a really well written interesting piece. You are to be commended for your mature lucid writing skills . Toronto Grandfather


    Great blog, Malcolm. Why do Dale and Chloe look so sad and you are so full of beans? Lots of love, Grandma