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  • Day243

    Day 2 in Chitwan National Park

    April 28, 2019 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Hello again! We have just finished our second and last day here in Chitwan! Today we started with a drive on the back of a truck and we were all standing which we would never be able to do in Canada! After that we came to the river and did a 1 hour canoe ride where we saw crocodiles and lots of very colourful kingfishers! After the boat ride we went on a nature walk but before, our guide warned us about what to do if a rhino or an elephant or a sloth bear or even a tiger tried to attack us! He told us stuff like you have to climb a tree up to higher than 6 feet up so that the rhino can’t hit you with their horn or that if you see a bear you have to hit him on the nose with a stick! Fortunately we made it through the whole dense forest without getting attacked! In the middle of our hike we saw a lake covered in a type of flower which grows very quickly and takes over lakes so we saw people yanking them out before they grow any bigger! After the lake we saw lots of termite mounds and a strangler vine wrapping between two trees and we got to climb it! We also saw some deer horns and Dale and I tried them on! Near the end I called out “look a bear!” But when it emerged from it’s hiding place it was actually just a wild buffalo! After the walk we went to an elephant breeding centre and we saw lots of baby elephants and one baby snuck out of its pen and started walking around with the tourists! After the elephants we took a bus back to our hotel for lunch. After lunch we took a half an hour car ride to a river which we crossed on a boat like the one at the start of the day. We got into a safari Jeep and started riding up an old dirt path through the jungle. The safari started slow and we didn’t see any animals for the first half hour we saw that a tour group had stopped and were looking in awe at a tree! When we got closer we couldn’t see anything unique on the tree or anywhere around it. Then our guide (who was also fascinated) said “Look! Squirrel! We all laughed when we realized they were staring at a chipmunk! After that we kept going through the jungle swapping with grasslands every 10 minutes or so and we saw stuff like peacocks and more chipmunks and every time we saw one, the car would stop so the guide could say things like “the male peacock is more colourful then the female” then we would have to restart the car and keep going. After about two hours of driving we came to a lake and grazing beside the lake was a rhinoceros and in the lake was the top of a rhino head and the tip of a horn and every few seconds he would let out a breath and bubbles would form around his horn! We continued through the jungle having to cross another Jeep every once in awhile which the driver did with great ease! About an hour later we came to an alligator breeding centre and we saw 1 year old alligators up to 40 year old alligators and they were all either swimming or basking in the sun. We stayed there for about 30 minutes and after that we saw a mommy deer with a baby deer and we saw a daddy deer with huge horns coming out of his head! At the end we saw lots more animals but they were mostly the same as before. We saw more rhinos and more peacocks and some crocodiles which I could swear were actually just rock because it never moved once but the guide sounded sure of himself when he said it was a crocodile! At the end we got out of the Jeep and said goodbye to the driver. We went across the river again and we took the drive back to our apartment. I have to go now so I can go see a cultural dance event but I will be sure to talk to you all again soon! Bye for now! Ciao, Adios, Au Revoir
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