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  • Day276

    Space Sleepers

    May 31, 2019 in Slovenia ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Last night we slept in space capsules with lots of gizmos and buttons and even a mini tv in each capsule! The Central hotel had been renovated and the hotel was left with a huge amount of empty space which they turned into space capsules! We had to open the capsules with a key card and inside their was a mini fire extinguisher, a remote for the tv, a giant mirror, and a tray which collapsed on you if you took it off the wall! Once you were inside the capsule you have a choice of four different lights, two reading lights, one mirror light and even a blue LED light and you could change the brightness of each light with a small pad beside the light. Although it looked really cool there were still some downsides, the air conditioning couldn’t be turned down and some of the vents wouldn’t open so it was extremely hot! The tv didn’t actually work so that didn’t help, finally the light outside the capsules couldn’t be turned off so it was on the whole night and even with the capsule door closed it was still very bright! Outside the capsule room there were two foosball tables and a bar/restaurant which had free juice coffee and tea.
    Talk to everyone soon!
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