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  • Day48

    Kepler Track

    January 17, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    After a relaxed morning with a good breakfast, I went to the Rainbow Reach to do a walk on the famous Kepler Track. As the Routeburn Track, it is one of the Great Walks in New Zealand. Unfortunately, also this one is so expensive as the other once so I was deciding against walking the whole track, 150$ per night is way too much.
    So I only walked from the Rainbow Reach to the Moturau Hut, which is 6 km one way.

    It is a really nice walk through a beautiful forest with a lot of birds. I saw a lot of Robins and Fantails on the track, some came really close to me!

    I could stay so long at Moturau Hut and the little beach there as the Sandflys got nasty again.

    I have quite much pain in my muscles from yesterday’s climb up to Lake Marian so this walk was really nice for my legs as it is mostly flat with just a few ups and downs. I took it really easy, walked some sidetracks as well so it took me 3 hours and 15 minutes in total. Definitely not in my best-walking shape today, but that’s all right.

    After that, I went to buy some food and to fuel up, so I hopefully don’t need to fuel up in Queenstown 🤞🏼 where fuel and everything else is super expensive.
    After that, I went to Athol, a small little town halfway to Queenstown where I found a lovely small campground for only 10$ per night. I like that! 🤗

    I hade a calm afternoon as I was really tired in my legs and it’s nice to not be up and going the whole day all the time.
    Tomorrow I will go to Glenorchy for 1-2 days, don’t know jet and after that, I will visit a family in Queenstown that I met last time I was here and they were inviting me to their place. 😊
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