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  • Day68

    Waihi Beach and Owharoa Falls

    February 6, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    I woke up at a good time today!
    Definitely fresh again and ready to get going again.
    But first I had a good breakfast and then I left the campground.

    I stopped at Avocado Place. It’s a place where you can buy fruits and vegetables!
    They had some much stuff and so cheap so it was hard to decide what I want to buy!
    I got some peppers, plums, and cucumbers! 😊

    After that, I went to Waihi Beach. I have been here before but I like the place and it was just a short drive here so I wanted to spend some time at the beach here and watch the surfers and try to learn something from them!

    After around 1 hour or maybe more, I drove to Owharoa Falls.
    That’s definitely a busy spot here! So many families around.
    That’s when I remember that it is Waitangi Day today! So many people are free from work and out with their family enjoying the good weather.

    So I actually called the campground where I want to stay tonight if they still have some free places just to be sure, but it’s no problem at all!

    As there was not so much more to see or do around I checked in early at the campground.

    I had some lunch and then a nap from around 2 hours. I obviously really needed that!
    The rest of the day was calm as well. Spend some time with some German girls during dinner but was still too tired for more and went to bed early today!
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