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  • Day84

    Yanchep National Park

    February 22 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    Calm morning for us, we were up around 8 am.
    It was raining a little bit during the night and still this morning, but really just a little bit. You can not call it rain to be honest.

    We had our breakfast and got the tip to visit the Yanchep National Park as you can see Koalas here.
    Koalas are not living on the west coast of Australia so this National Park has some of them in an extra area for them. As Kara is not going to travel the east coast and it will probably be her only chance to see them, we went there after breakfast, with a short stop in town.
    We arrived there after 11 am and first we fixed our 14 days pass for the National Parks here. You need to pay entry to the Parks, it’s only 15$ per car but a 14 days pass costs only 40$ and we can go to as many National Parks as we want during these 14 days.

    After that, we walked to the Koalas and saw a few of them relaxing in the trees 🥰
    Not so much going on here as they are nocturnal animals and mostly sleeping during the day.
    We then went for a walk around the park, we saw a lot of cockatoos and parrots but all pretty far away and hard to catch on a picture.
    And we saw a few kangaroos right beside us!
    We probably have missed them if two of them weren’t standing up while we were passing them! So it was a really nice wk for us here!
    Still super cloudy but at least not raining anymore.
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