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  • Day101

    Day 1 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 10, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Today I got up early, 5.30 am to be ready to go with them to the stable at 6 am.
    The first thing I got to do was taking out some horses from their boxes, check the temp, pick their feet, change their rug and kick them out in the walker. During the day I did this a couple of times.
    In between, I helped them to gear up some horses as well, picked up some from the walker, washed a lot of horses and did as much as I could to help them.

    Around 10 am Marika, Anton, the boss and I went with 3 horses to Melton for trials, training races.

    It took us around one hour to get there. Once we arrived we loaded of the stuff onto the sulkys, took the horses and went to the stable area. All got a fast stopover in the pee box, as they don't have boxes here for the horses.

    After that, we started to fix them straight away and Marika went out with the first one for the warm-up. In this stable, they actually are warming up the horses! That's not so common here in Australia.
    Back in, we got the other two ready and Marika and the other driver, Jason, went out with the other to warm them up as well while Anton and I got Elvis ( his real name is Dreamcatcher) ready for the next trial. As soon as Marika and Jason were back inside Jason had to drive out with Elvis for the trail. So I and Marika fixed the other two horses ready while Anton went up to the track to watch Elvis.

    Marika and I had the other two ready when Jason came back inside so we had just to take off the bike from Elvis and put it on Kiwi.
    While they went out for the next trail I was suddenly alone with Elvis. I didn't really know what to do and how they want me to take care of him, so I just did, what I thought should be right. I took off all the gear, checked the plus, walked him for a while and gave him a nice shower. So Anton was happy when he came back from the track 😊

    We got the other two horses quickly ready as well, packed in all the stuff, they wash all at home and got going really fast again.
    We stopped at KFC for lunch and even I found something to eat 😉

    Back home we were loading of the horses and five them before we kicked then out in their paddocks, loaded of the stuff and at 3.30 we were ready and went inside for a calm afternoon. We went to buy some food and I found German bread!!! I can't believe it! Really good bread!!

    And we even found some L&P from New Zealand, for tonight's dinner. 🤗
    Around 7 pm Marika and I was cooking dinner and around 9 pm we went to bed. As I didn't sleep so well last night I was pretty tired.
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