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  • Day114

    Week 3

    March 23, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    It has not happened so much this week, we are getting closer to a lockdown as more and more restrictions are out every day.

    We went shopping on Monday so I could buy some more cloth and a heater for my room because it gets pretty cold overnight in between. So know I am good prepared for the weather here and don’t need to worry if they gonna close the stores soon.

    I have been helping in the stable a couple of days. On Thursday they decided to stop training all the racehorses, give them a break and kick them out I the paddock for a couple of weeks. They have now only 7 two-year-olds to train and they will start with 7 one-year-olds next week.
    They even kicked out 3 people 😳😬

    But I can stay here as long as I want and can help them if I am feeling for it but they won't need so much help now as it's not so much to do at the moment.
    On Thursday I went with Megan and her dog Fly to a lake for an evening walk what was really nice.
    The weather is better now and it's much warmer again! So nice!
    Lilly and I had a big clean up of the house on Friday and she started to clean her car as well 😂

    I just can say that I am still really glad that I am stuck here and I have a lot of fun with the guys here.
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