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  • Day92

    Agropoli to Antari and Amalfi

    June 24, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Nice easy cruise North, no wind, we had thought Salerno but guide book write up very unenthusiastic so we decided on Amalfi. This section of coastline is incredible with houses and hotels perched on the mountainside. There were also hundreds of other boats all zooming along creating loads of wash not good. But we managed to find a shallowish spot and anchored up so we could go ashore. We anchored of Antares which is just to the Rast of Amalfi in the next valley. We were able to use what I imagine were at one point the old donkey trails but had now been built around to go from one town to the next p and over the headland. Amalfi was stunning but very crowded and expensive that said we did have an ice-cream to keep going. We took a different route on the return. For some reason there was a large tunnel, big enough for cars but not used by them that went through the headland almost to Antares, it came out at an underground car park, well under headland, you could then risk it for 200m on the road or for €1 take a lift up to top of headland and walk back down into Antares centre. Here we visited the church only to find a wedding in full swing and had a drink 1/2 the price of Amalfi drinks. Too choppy to stay the night so we headed west and ended up anchored off Positano.Read more