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  • Day15


    October 15, 2016 in Cuba ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Absolutely loved Santa Clara. Was full of character and history made it an enjoyable place to stay for 3 days!
    Next I got the overnight bus to Santiago de Cuba. Leaving at 01:15 I eventually arrived in Santiago at 14:00.
    Spent the evening drinking rum and smoking cigars with the locals
    The next day I found a great little salsa bar during the day for a few beers. Got the night bus again to Camagüey
    Arriving in Camagüey at 06:00 I spent an hour sleeping at the station before heading to try and find a casa. Having no luck with finding a casa I decided id spend the day in Camagüey then get the 02:45 bus to Trinidad.
    Camagüey has some interesting historical buildings but is hard to understand without a really good knowledge of Spanish.
    On the way back to the station around 7 just before it got dark I managed to get into the Baseball stadium for a look around when it was closed. I also found some kids playing football on the street on the way so watched them for a bit.
    I got to the station around 7:30 only 7 hours before my bus.
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