• Day269

    Back to Auckland

    February 27 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    Yesterday's sailing was terrific! The island was beautiful and full of birds. I made the short trek over the hill and through the trees to the other beach where I ate my lunch. There were four boats anchored there and around 25 people on the beach, so I went back to our beach after eating. The trail was nice, so I walked barefoot the whole time. It was lovely to be so quiet and not to disturb the birds and their whistles, clicks, and squawks. Tui birds are very common (and loud) and I was able to get a fairly close shot of one with my camera.

    After getting back to Paihia, I walked up to the main drag for a haircut. Just the sides because I haven't decided what to do with the rest of it yet. I like the ashy blond it's faded to, but miss the purple. Anyway, I found a historical marker for the church I saw the other day. The treaty it tells of at the end is what gave the British crown its rights here. The treaty grounds are only a few kilometers away, but I won't make it there this trip.

    This morning, I had a delicious chorizo, black bean, and corn salsa breakfast burrito and am now reading my book until the bus gets here to take me back to Auckland.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️

    P.S.: I forgot to tell you. The Bay of Islands is a hammerhead shark breeding ground. Luke said he saw one the day before we sailed, but we weren't that lucky. He said they live birth at the mouth of the river and the pups come further out the larger they get. Cool.
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