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  • Day2

    We Made It to Utah!

    May 4 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    This wasn’t the plan. No, we were going to overnight in Evanston, Wyoming. But we’ve been doing well, covering extra distance on the road, so it was too early to stop. So, we moved on. Yes, another jiggle to our plans.

    We love the red rocks of Utah ... the state we lived in for about eight years back in the 1980s. So, when we saw that the Utah Welcome Center was located in scenic Echo Canyon ... well, it was a no brainer to stop for a bit. No idea why we didn’t stop here on previous drives through the area. So glad we didn’t skip it today.

    Blue skies, bright sunshine, and temps that had now reached 66F encouraged us to take a short walk. Well, hike might be more appropriate since the paved path was all uphill. With my left foot in a “boot, it took a bit doing to get up to the top ... but it was so worth it!
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    My Souvenir Memories

    I’m impressed with your hiking ability in the boot. Good for you! From experience in a boot a few years ago I remember that it acts as something of a scoop shovel when walking in sand or loose gravel. 😄 What a mess when you take it off afterwards!

    Two to Travel

    I’ll have to keep the “scooping” in mind. Luckily the paths at the Welcome Center were paved 😀


    Nice! More gorgeous scenery. It's great that you're able to walk and even hike in your boot!

    Two to Travel

    Just short distances, but better than nothing.