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  • Day26

    Third Time's the Charm in Oslo

    December 16, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ -1 °C

    After one short day in 2009, mostly spent at the Viking Ship Museum, and a teaser at the Sentralstasjon last Monday, I am back to finally do Oslo properly!

    My descent into Oslo was tiresome. Just as I was getting comfortable in my sleeper cabin, I was turfed onto the platform at 7am in Trondheim. Then began another 7 hour journey to the capital. The snowy Dovre Railway was, however, a treat to watch through my tired eyes and a great journey to conclude my Scandinavian rail travel!

    I arrived in Oslo at sunset and grasped the opportunity to finally tour around its significant buildings, as the dusk lighting added some magic! The stunning Opera House was worth the wait to see and walk atop, while the Rådhuset was situated among lit-up trees.

    I then went to the house of my first proper Couchsurfing host, Karl! It may have taken all trip, but I found a couch to surf eventually!
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