• Day3

    Day 3, Marmaris, Turkey

    December 13, 2019 in Turkey ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    It was an 8am Dock in to Marmaris this morning via a narrow channel. My good lady decided it was a good idea to set the alarm so we could go on deck and watch us sail in and dock. 6.45am when the alarm went off, doh was it really a good idea?

    The sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning, we went to the front of the ship as we glided in to Marmaris. We entered the bay from the ocean and we glided in with a very calm approach. Once docked we decided to have breakfast part 1 in the buffet as it was fairly quiet and the sun was shining. The food is very nice on board and the bacon is proper English stuff none of the American crossled streaky stuff so I make sure I take advantage of that.

    We disembarked the ship and had a walk into the town. We got a bit of WiFi at the port so stopped to catch up on emails and send a couple of texts (this will be late due to no data but I posted it as soon as I could). The walk to the town was lovely down the harbour and it was quite modern. Lots of restaurants and bars. The town itself was slap quite nice and there was lots to see. Sharon did a bit of shopping and I just tagged along as you do.

    As we walked back to the ship, the sunshine decided to do one and the heavens opened. It absolutely threw it down, so we stopped off in a bar and had a drink and a Turkish Kebab. The guy who ran the bar was really funny and very personable. We spent a good hour or so there before deciding it was that black, it wasn’t going to stop raining. So off we went, the last time I felt that wet was in Malta with our Naomi when we went to watch a bloke who was in the sea, we were no help, he didn’t drown but we stood out in the rain watching him. Well I was just as wet when I got back to the ship today. We hung all our clothes up in the bathroom and my trainers are so wet I don’t think they’ll dry out for days, same for Sharon.

    So only one thing to really, go get a drink and some food !! It’s a good job there’s 2 flights of stairs to the food and a fair bit of walking around as we seem to do nothing but eat. An hour later and the sun was out and it was beautiful, so we went and sat at the back of the ship and watched the sun go down. Still some very thick black clouds around though. We departed Marmaris at 5pm heading for Heraklion in Crete where we should dock around 8am Saturday morning. We’ll not mention the weather forecast !!

    Captains gala night tonight which was quite nice, a chance to meet the senior staff members and yet a few more drinks followed by Christmas dinner in the restaurant. So not to shabby an evening. 2 metre swell forecast tonight so a bit choppy but nothing to major.
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