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  • Day27


    January 30, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today we got up nice and early ( 5am) and went to pearl harbour memorial! Our tour guide even had Hawaiian doughnuts for when we go there to eat in the line, they were purple and had chocolate icing all over them very delicious! We went into the memorial and they gave us head sets to listen to as we went through the memorial. It was very interesting and touching the stories we heard from both Hawaiian and Japanese accounts. It was an extremely sad event that happened in history. We got to go out and visit the memorial for the Arizona one of the many battle ships that had been struck, it was still bubbling out with oil and will be for years as there is gallons and gallons still down below. They will never try and filter the oil out as it is a tomb for 900+ sailors that died that day. The oil smell hits you as soon as you get off the ferry. After the pearl harbour memorial we went to the aviation museum for lunch and had a buffet litter all in the museum under the planes. After lunch we headed to the USS Missouri a battle ship that was hit at the end off world war II by a Japanese kamikaze pilot, the ship had been repaired and now is on display for tourists!
    In 1945 when the plane hit the ship the pilot payed died on the deck of the ship, the sailors wanted to throw him over board for what he had done to the ship. The captain commanded that the crew sail out toward Japanese waters and make a japan flag out of sheets to honour the pilot and give him a proper send off, the captain honoured that he was just fighting for his country as they were doing. Later on down the track years later they found out that the pilot was only 19 and his family had heard what they had done for him they gifted the ship with photos of him and thanks for the honouring their son.
    This storey was one told when on the ship and I really enjoyed hearing it.
    We later went back to our hotel went for a swim and then had a lovely Chinese dinner before we hit the sack ready for tomorrow's adventure.
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