• Day16

    Korean bbq <3

    April 17, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    We decided since we hadn't had the most eventful day we would get a crazy gratuitous dinner. We went to a recommended all you can eat Korean bbq restaurant which had around 20 different types of amazing meats on the menu including short ribs and thin sliced kobe style. As soon as we sat down we got the usual Korean assortment of 20 different little side dishes like pickled cucumbers covered in a red smoked chilli sauce, rice skins, different spicy vegetables and some other extremely spicy things. Seamus was a bit scared for his stomach since almost everything we ordered was quite a high level of spiciness so asked the waitress if there were any milky things - they just laughed and said there is beer, rice wine, or soju (basically rice vodka) so we had no escape from the spiciness :D we ate about a kilo of different meats than they would come and help grill us at our table to perfection. There's round little grilling stations in the middle of every table. They regularly swap out the metal bit, as soon as some meat starts sticking to it, someone comes along with a brand new clean one. We could order 3 different things at one time. We got super thin kobe beef, pork belly, tenderloin, beef short ribs, skirt steak, hanging tender (?) which was one of the nicest meats we had actually. It was an incredible feast of delicious meat, and we only left when we got really really full. By the time we left, the restaurant was quite full, and it finally made sense why they had valet parking, which seemed silly when we arrived: the cars were fit in the parking lot in multiple rows completely blocking each other in! Thankfully as we arrived early our car was not buried in 4 lines of cars, so we could get away easily. Afterwards we went and got us some bubble tea as dessert.Read more