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  • Day28

    This is filled with restaurants, bars, cafes and stores. We had dinner at Camacho’s Cantina last night - food was good but the Margherita was sublime and just what was required after schlepping around Universal Studios all day with huge crowds.

    Will be going back to City Walk to try a donut from Voodoo Donuts as they looked amazing and hang the diet!

  • Day29

    We had a great night at the Basketball and the team we were supporting won in a tight game. There was lot’s of entertainment throughout the night including “chair man” a Chinese acrobat from Vegas!

    We had hotdogs, pretzels and popcorn for dinner - not particularly healthy but other options included nachos, Maccas or pizza!

  • Day27

    We will make the most of our close proximity and get an early start at Universal Studios. We have a 2 day pass so we can return within seven days. We headed off before 9am and walked over instead of waiting for the shuttle, we need every opportunity to get our steps up today as we had a lower count yesterday! First thing we did was take the studio back lot tour which was lot’s of fun and Ian and Angus enjoyed it. As well as going past sound stages and streets made up to look like NY, the west, a European Village and Amity Island (home of Jaws), Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives) and some of the set from Who Ville. We also rode through the world’s largest 3-D experience on King Kong 360 3-D which was created by Peter Jackson for Universal Studios and then we also experienced Fast and Furious - Supercharged the Studio Tour’s grand finale.

    We then took the Mummy ride (a roller coaster) and Jurassic Park, the ride which was fun but we got totally drenched! We also wandered around Wizarding World, the stunt show at WaterWorld and finally the Special Effects Show. We then left and went through City Walk which is next door and is a collection of stores, cafes and movies. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant Camanchos Cantina which was delicious.

    Tomorrow we return to Universal Studios for a second go.
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  • Day28

    What a difference a day makes! After all the craziness and crowds of Sunday we returned on Monday and it was so much more enjoyable. The first thing we did was go to the Harry Potter ride where there was a 5 minute wait instead of a 70 minute one. I got both Angus and Ian onto the ride and Angus and I went on it a second time immediately - Ian decided to sit out the second ride.

    We then waited for the Simpson’s Ride to open and we all went on it, and after that we took a break from rides and went on the Studio Tour again - it was ok but we couldn’t go everywhere as there were shows that were shooting. After the tour we went to the lower level and went on the Transformers 3D Ride. We also went to the Animal Actors Show, which was pretty good. Finally we had lunch at the Three Broomsticks Cafe, which is in Harry Potter’s World. We then had one more look in the major Universal store for stuff before heading back to the hotel for some downtime. On the walk back (which takes about 5 minutes) we encountered a women handcuffed and sitting on the curb with about 4 police cars around her. Not sure what was going on but a couple of the cops were searching through nearby gardens.

    This evening we caught an Uber to the Staples Center in downtown LA to see the LA Clippers play the Toronto Raptors - it was a great experience- we really enjoyed the game, which the Clippers won and we were blown away by the entertainment - it was a great night out.
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  • Day151

    Auf Wunsch unseres kleinsten Reisebegleiter haben wir noch einen Abstecher zum Walk of Fame eingelegt.

    Okay, wir haben uns Hollywood etwas anders vorgestellt...😅die Straßen sind geschmückt mit Ramsch und Souvenirläden an fast jeder Ecke. Der rote Teppich der für eine Filmpremiere ausgelegt wurde, konnte uns trotzdem nicht das Gefühl von Glamour, und den Stars mal ganz nahe zu sein,usw. vermitteln.

    Beeindruckend waren die Sterne für uns drei aus nur einem bestimmten Grund. Nasi die coole Socke hat sich zwischen all den großen Stars auf dem Walk of Fame verewigen lassen😎

    Anders beeindruckend sind definitiv die Zeltstädte in mitten der Großstadt. Hierbei handelt es sich übrigens nicht um ein Festival. Sehr komisches Gefühl...
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  • Day66

    20th September 2017.
    Today we are heading off to Las Vegas. Chilling by the poolside till our flight later this afternoon. Ainsley and I painted each other's toe nails while the men have gone for a walk. He! He!
    Arrived at Las Vegas. OMG! .....what a bling, bling city. So many casinos. So many bright lights.
    Great views from our hotel room. We can see the French casino with the Eiffel Tower and the Roman one with the Colaseum. We are staying at the Mirage casino.Read more

  • Day15

    After our day at universal we opted for a more chilled day today. We got up late and went straight to Venice Beach. We spent the entire day on the beach before wandering around the Venice Beach area. We decided to honour one of our favourite shows and went to the cheesecake factory for dinner!! It was actually bloody good and we were able to sit outside on the rooftop so had an amazing view of the Santa Monica skyline whilst the sun went down. Not a wild day, but a lovely one.

    Day 14

    We were up at a reasonable time to head to a true American event - a thrift stall! Our new friend Ben had wisely informed us that Sunday was €1 sale day.

    I know. Who'd've thought it. But yes. I got in those piles of clothes on the floor and I sorted and sorted. And I came out with a designer dress and shirt. I felt like a queen handing over my two bucks. Like I had conquered the pile and won. It was awesome.

    Although I did antibac my hands 3 times afterwards and the clothes went on a super hot wash.

    We said bye to Ben and headed to Koreatown for lunch/dinner. Los Angeles is hailed as being one of the best places in the world for Korean bbq and my vs did it deliver. The food was insane. Honestly absolutely amazing. We didn't eat the rest of the day and after walking down through Korea town for a bit we headed back to the hostel for hostel movie night.

    Day 15

    We had to check out today but our flight is super late in the evening so we hung around the hostel all day until it was time to head to the airport. Onwards to Fiji! We both have collated our thoughts on the US in the end of this post! Xx

    Callum - Day 13 - 15

    Day 13
    We went to the beach n chilled then went to the cheese cake factory. Not much else to report. Really nice chilled day.

    Day 14
    Again a chilled day. Fiona dug through piles of second hand clothes then we went to an amazing Korean bbq place. It was sooo good. All you can eat, really nice meat n you get to cook it yourself on a hot plate in the middle of the table. I stuffed myself and then rolled out.

    Day 15
    Checked out and chilled for most of the day at the hostel until we headed to the airport to catch our flight to Fiji.

    Laters L.A. and the US.

    Parting notes on the States.
    Everything here is massive. In NYC everything was big in an upwards direction. Durham everything was big in terms of space. L.A. everything was big because it was sooo spread out.

    The food has been brilliant and really glad we got to try all the local delicacies such as piles of meat in either a sandwich or bagel. Massive portion sizes and some of the best Korean food outside of Korea (not that's I've been) and Krusty Burger.

    Also Americans love to use the horn for at any chance they get. LITERALLY any bloody chance they get, they slam there hand into the steering wheel.

    Finally thank the Lord for Starbucks and their free WiFi. On to Fiji and island life.

    Fiona - thoughts on USA

    Southern terms learnt in north carolina
    Fixings - food sides
    When I came up - when I was growing up
    Jigger - shot
    Y'all - all of you
    Nabs - cracker sandwiches
    Hush puppy - balls of cooked meat and potato. So named because they were fed to begging dogs at the table with the phrase "hush, puppy"
    Brunswick stew - southern bbq stew made in a huge copper pot
    Crawlers/crawdads - fresh water animals you bbq... Like shrimp/prawns

    Life lessons from L.A.
    No dream is too niche or too small. You can be anything you want to be, even if that's something you made up or is just stupid. Homeless community is utterly huge and just everywhere.

    Lovely things in New York
    A guy stopped a bus for a stranger running for it and they didn't even exchange a word.
    There was a park full of stands of books you could borrow to read - there was a girl writing a love letter in the park.
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  • Day65

    19th September 2017.
    Arrived in USA yesterday afternoon. Have got a cold. Have to buy some Night and Day . Hope it goes soon. Had a nice dinner with Ainsleys son Dan and wife Lesley and her grandson Cash. Nice night. Had happy hour and got food and drinks for half price. Love those bargains. Staying at the Standard Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.Nice big room with views to Hollywood.

  • Day65

    This morning had breakfast at Mel's dinner. Yummy breakfast. After breakfast we ubered to this huge shoe warehouse to buy shoes. Then we ubered over to Dan's place. Love Uber!
    He has a 1960 Edsel. Great old tank. We fitted in comfortably. No need for seat belts. Went to a park and had a picnic with Dan,Lesley and their mates. One of Dan's friends is a film star. Her name is Kate and she starred in the movie ^Jean Batten^. She got a nomination for it.Read more

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