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    More good stuff in Arizona

    October 29, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Just when you worked hard to dislike a place so much it keeps throwing up stuff to make you warm a little bit more towards it.
    Now unless you hug one of these just a little too hard so you have to spend the next five weeks picking out spikes from most parts of your anatomy then there’s nothing more cuddly than the Organ Pipe Cactus.

    These beautiful species have decided to make their home in Arizona and that raggedy arsed State is all the better for it. Combine these with the Grand Canyon and five star accomodation (please see wigwam pic) and you have to admit your original opinion of the place could be wrong.

    While I’m on a love fest about Arizona I have to mention the prices of things especially fuels like gas (petrol) and propane (gas). They are really cheap, almost half the prices compared to that over the border, over populated, over taxing, over rated, delusional State better know as California.

    Now I’m in the mood to go off on a rant about California but I’ve learned my lesson with Arizona and if I come out swinging it can come back and land some pretty heavy haymakers like the Sequoia National Park, Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park which should be coming up next.

    But I still think Jed Clampet should have stayed at home.
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    Could be quite cosy depending on whom you share with


    Now that would be the highlight stay for you trip. Ditch the rv and just stay there


    Oh now how are you bringing that one back???

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