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  • Day6

    Echoes of the past.

    June 3, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Back to morning runs & free breakies. At least this time there is a clean pool to look forward to - the brown water yesterday didn't inspire despite the heat. Can't say the Valencia version was a heated though despite some woman in it claiming it wasn't cold. No great urgency - Liz was needing recovery time so a relaxed morning, picnic in the park. Much amusement was had at the expense of a preening couple flouncing around videoing each other in various staged situations, all for the benefit of their followers. Modern world! Sat & moaned & ate sarnies.
    At this point Liz located her book. I located the Mestalla stadium, which had been closed last time I was here, so had to be visited. Liz declined on the grounds that football this trip should be just about Liverpool. This, however was - Valencia was Rafa's patch - the greatest Liverpool manager I've seen as a season ticket holder until a couple of days ago. Sorry Rafa. Pay my respects & have a look around. Impressive stadium - bit quirky. Had to wear colours - as did a few spurs fans. Bit us when we shown the press room. Guide wanted to set up a fictional press conference & being topical chose 2 fans from the weekends game who were in colours. Ooops. Not hp. Interesting tour - wanted to get a shirt but bizarrely they didn't have any in. No old ones and the new ones weren't in til July. Headed back through the park in time for a thai(ish) tea and a nice sunset walk.
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