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  • Day11

    Gangster goings on(ish)

    August 4, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Very late finish meant a late start, to the point where we were dashing around just to make the midday gun salute. The idea being to take in the walk along the fortress walls at the time of the firing, thus getting a different view. A little fazed by the lack of traffic outside & saw people running at the end of the road - the St Petersburg Half Marathon. Dodged the runners getting to the bridge & dodged sone more tour parties on the way to the wall. Good spot - still jumped at midday & the cathedral still had massive queues. Walked round to the beach for some nice views of the city. Took a walk along the river to the warship Aurora, which kicked off the revolution in 1917 and it kind of kicked off while we there. A couple of guys with fighting birds were hanging round. Most Russian guys look like bouncers or gangsters - these were no different except they acted that way as well. Got into an argument with some women & promptly chucked her holdall in the river & then promptly ran off [not very gangster that] The family were shaken, bemused & shouted a lot. God knows what the argument was about but best get out of the way. Off to Subway for an easy sarnie. Energy restored - took in St Isaac's Cathedral - massive queue (as there was at the Aurora) found the Bronze Horseman (featured in a book of Liz's) Walked along the river past the Hermitage (epic queue) & ridiculous number of coaches - going to be fun that one. Back in time to watch the mighty reds, handily enough on Russian tv. Decent game - city were lucky. Cooked a Caucasian pasta dish - very spicy. Nice.Read more