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  • Day18


    August 11, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    A hoped for early start was just about on track - Liz battling through a rough head. Bizarre steady stream of people outside the hotel suggested something was happening - another protest possibly. Ideally the queue for Kremlin tickets would be relatively untouched on arrival. On getting off the metro it became apparent that Moscow was busy - sunny Sunday. Hopefully it was just the locals & that they were going to a protest rather than the Kremlin. Hopefully not a protest at the Kremlin. Wandered through Alexander Gardens to be greeted by a substantial queue for tickets. Checked on the automatic tellers & the queues seemed better. Go for it. The downside was that it was just entry - no tower tickets. By the time we would've got to the front of the other queue they would be sold out anyway - or that's what I told myself. Back of mind was the worry that my card would be inoperable (email warning from the morning) At least we had cash. Then the machine started chewing up money. Ahh! Worried over nothing - tickets sorted - now where to go. Followed signs to unsurprisingly another massive queue. Sulked & pondered giving up. The voice of reason (Liz) ensured not. Moved fairly quick & we were in to the Kremlin. Russian police love their whistles - there were specific places you could go & cross - any deviation, no matter how small, got a whistle. Made our way to Cathedral Square - 5 cathedrals surrounding a small square & queues to get in all 5. Explored the site & Kremlin gardens. Apart from the numerous Chinese tour parties elbowing their way around, it was a very peaceful place, which belied its history. Headed out the exit to find people entering - surely they'll be turned back. No - could've entered via the exit - makes complete sense.Read more