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  • Day6

    Day 2 Vila do Conde to Barcelos 30km

    April 16, 2016 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Day 2 Vila do Conde to Barcelos 30km with a detour
    I set off at 7am just after a thunder storm had passed. It didn't bode well. The directions out of the town were poor and I got lost after an hour. By now, I can only describe the rain as monsoon season. I had my poncho on which is a bit like a walking tent. I finally found someone to put me back on the right track. I had already walked an additional 3km.
    I can best describe most of the day as wet. In fact, I thought at one stage that it would be easier to swim.
    I walked alone most of the day. I did walk with a Dutch man who was three weeks into his walk from Lisbon to Santiago. He set a fast pace. We didn't walk for long as another storm blew in. As we reached for his jacket, he found that he had dropped it somewhere in the previous hour. He turned around to locate it.
    I arrived in Barcelos in the middle of another storm. I was drenched to the skin. Instead of staying in an auberge, I booked into a hotel for a hot bath....brill 😊
    The town was in a party mood. There was a huge funfair gong on and a dance/rap competition with companies and schools competing before a panel of judges....very entertaining. The weather turned dry and a pleasant evening was spent by all. I visited a few churches today to give thanks for my beloved 15 year old niece Anna. She flew into a diabetic coma unexpectedly last week. Specialists indicated that it was the worse case they had seen in years. Anna woke up after a few days. This was a miracle and shows the power of prayer. Her recovery has been fantastic. However, there is concern whether there is any kidney damage. We continue to pray for her full recovery.
    Tomorrow is another big day to Ponte DeLima 37km away over some big hills. An early night.
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    Andy Fletcher

    Well done mate!, your pictures are great!, enjoy the more leisurely pace!