A 9-day adventure by Quashendera Thomas
  • Day8


    March 9, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    A old castle and fort above Barcelona. We to a Funicular to the top and had amazing views. Lia was not having the heights tho.😬😆

  • Day7

    Margarita Blue

    March 8, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 55 °F

    Afterwards we found a Margarita bar with really strong drinks, great food and live music. Finally got to try fried green tomatoes. It was heavenly. So crispy & flavorful with creamy goat cheese.

  • Day7

    Park Guell

    March 8, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 59 °F

    Got to one of Antoni Gaudi's most famous houses up close. Me and Lia were late of course so we had a little over an hour to spend there. I loved all the different colors and shapes used in the architecture. The park is another great space for a picnic, hike or jogging & biking overlooking BarcelonaRead more

  • Day7

    Picasso Museum

    March 8, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 63 °F

    While Martin is dead to the world me & Lia decided to hot up a local flea market called Fleadonia. Unfortunately we waited to long and missed it.☹️

    So we decided to head to the nearby Picasso Museum instead. Well laid out exhibits about the artist life and close friends.

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  • Day7

    Starting My Day Right

    March 8, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 55 °F

    Found another great food spot around the corner from our AirBnB. It was another gorgeous day in the city. Finally got a chance to explore the big park across the street from us. Joan Miro Park, named after a famous Spanish artist.Read more

  • Day6

    Barca Night

    March 7, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 55 °F

    Not only did we get to see our first football match. We got to see the famous Camp Nou stadium & watch FC Barcelona up close. We decided to go at the last minute the night before & got tickets early this morning. So I was surprised we got such amazing seats.

    Experiencing the game from this angle was so exciting. You get a better sense of the players speed and power with constant action. The game went by so quickly, we nearly missed the entire 1st half. Because somebody (Martin) took an hour to pick his Barca jersey and then we got lost on the Metro.🙄😬 But at least we saw the great Messi score the game winner!
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  • Day6

    Tour to Montserrat

    March 7, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 39 °F

    Going to tour the Montserrat Mountain, a famous peak about a hour outside of Barcelona with a monastery, basilica and museum. This is considered a sacred place in Spain. Fun fact: Martin's baby sister shares the same name.

    We had a excellent tour guide. She was pleasant to listen to, very nice, clear and informative. The the bus ride there was smooth and picturesque. It was beautiful to the other end of Barcelona where the university area and rural parts are.

    The photos we took a on the way up and at the top of Montserat were breathtaking. Now I saw why people spend all day here. We purchased the half day morning tour & sadly didn't get to experience everything.

    We also were extremely lucky with fantastic weather. Easily the most beautiful sunny, clear day we've had so far.
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