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  • Day19

    Lot To Catch Up On

    July 28, 2006 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 23 °C

    Hello again! Unfortunately there will be no photos on this blog as we're in an internet cafe in Alice Springs at the mo and didn't bring anything with us!

    We've just come back from our 3 day Uluru "tour" and it was absolutely amazing. We slept out under the stars in Swags and it was freezing cold but totally worth it. Uluru was so amazing and our tour guide was excellent so we found out lots of interesting stories about Aborigonal culture etc. We got up for sunrise every day and also saw sunset over Uluru which was spectacular, we have lots and lots of piccies to show you all the amazing colours. We also did a base walk around Uluru which took about 2 hours and saw all the huge holes and cracks which all have stories associated with them. We hiked over Kings Canyon yesterday which was massive, and had amazing views over the dessert. You would believe how much plant life can grow out of a big rock! You can see ripples in some of the rocks and trilobite fossils from when Central Australia used to be covered by an inland sea, which we also saw the remnants of in the form of a big dried out salt lake. We had a great group and we all went out for dinner last night when we got back and have swapped a couple of e-mail addresses. Absolutely shattered and a bit battered and bruised but it was totally worth it and we're loving every minute of it so far. We've had so little sleep since we've been in Oz as we've been getting up at about 5.30 and not going to sleep til about 1 at least :o)every night.

    Off to Cairns this afternoon, but unfortunately our dive has been cancelled but we're gonna try and sort something out when we get there so we'll let you know if we manage to do some diving still.

    Photos will follow from Cairns!

    Couple of personal messages: - Jill - we found the earings you wanted but they're gold not silver, we bought them anyway.

    Chris - congratulations on passing your Cima!

    ***Photos added on backup due to limit of 6 per post***
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