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  • Day20

    15127 Kms from home!

    July 29, 2006 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Hey guys weve made it out to the coast and it is absolutely stunning and hot here. We both got a bit of sleep on the plane but it was just a short flight anyway, I think we may have caught up on a bit last night aswell as we both managed to squeeze in 13 hours of sleep! before we left alice we had a walk around and looked in some shops which sold didgeredoos (so jill, if you get a long tube package in the mail treat it carefully). We also visited a kangeroo rescue shelter where this guy rescues joeys out of dead kangeroos pouches and then lets them back into the wild when there about 18 months old. We both held a joey (about 4 months old) who was so cute and who liked not only the taste of ali's jumper but also my watch. Not sure if we mentioned it in our last blog but our last night in Alice was fantastic, we met up with the rest of our tour group who all looked surprisingly human once they had had a proper shower and went into Malanka's, which is the main hostel bar in town, for some beer and grub. With our tour guides discount we both enjoyed kangaroo steaks for $7 ( around 3 pounds) and spent the night enjoying their own brewed pale ale for $10 a jug, we thought that this sounded like a really good night out with Luke and Emma a couple we had met on tour until it got even better with the live reptile show! we both got to hold a big snake and some cool lizzards including a blue tounge who you can see below kissing some random blokes nose. Luke, an auzzie, spent the night apparently showing me how auzzies can drink, however when I carried him to his room later that night he wasnt quite so full of it!

    We got into Cairns about 5 last night and got picked up by a girl from our hostel who took us there and introduced us to the guy at reception who told us that we can get free or reduced price meals at a bar in town every night, which is very cool. After we found our room we both decided we needed a lay down and promtly slept till 8 o'clock this morning, when
    we were rudely awoken by a bulldoser ripping down a house behind the backpackers. and so here we are looking round finding stuff to dop to fill the time when we were gonna be diving. Were prob gonna be riding horses and quad bikes tommorrow which will be cool any way hope you guys enjoy the photos.

    ali and stew
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