• Day719

    How do they stay out so late?!

    January 1 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    I have no idea how the Argentines do it. They go to dinner at 10pm any day of the week. For New Years, we were proud of ourselves for making it until 2:30am - for us Americans, that is quite late and when the bars close. But here, oh no, that's when the party is just getting started and plenty of people stay out until the sun comes up. Do they ever sleep? I'm not quite sure.

    But we at least had a good time with some new expat friends. NYE is a little different here, nearly every restaurant and bar is closed as people spend time at home with their families until midnight. They ring in the new year, then hit the clubs which open at 1am (!!). We found a couple casual bars in a touristy area that happened to be open at 8pm for our American schedule. Service was slow but we had a good time chatting and enjoying the evening, like it was any other day of the year. Only because big fireworks started going off did we realize it was midnight. No countdown or ball dropping here!

    It was a relatively low key New Years but thankful we got to celebrate it with great new friends in a fun city we are loving.

    Happy 2020!
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