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  • Day93


    April 20, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    This is a fantastic peaceful place to visit! I highly recommend it. After crossing from Miyajima-guchi you exit the ferry and walk through a quiet tourist village, where there are wild (tame) deer sitting around looking bored and eating paper. Then there is a nice long beech. When I got there, the beach was full of people digging for shellfish, and tourists taking photos of them, and also of the Torii gate of course. I was watching hermit crabs in a ride pool, when an American couple dropped a starfish in front of me and asked if the people on the beach were looking for them. I have no idea why they asked me that.
    If I had known Miyajima would be so nice I would have gone earlier and spent the day there. As it was, I got there at 1300 left at 1600 for Iwakuni, arrived in Iwakuni just in time to see the bridge before dark and realize there is much more to see than the bridge; then go back to the station and almost miss the last train back to Hiroshima.
    It was a good day.
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