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  • Day65

    Rockets and a visa!!!

    September 4, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    This am after a nervous trip back to the Chinese embassy we left 1.5 hours later with a Chinese tourist visa each!! What a relief??!!! That’s the last major visa hurdle....hopefully.
    Next it was off to the Metro tour part 2 before ending up at the highlight of the day..... the Moscow Cosmonautical Museum.... basically the Russian Space Mission Museum!!!
    OMG what a find?!! It was amazing!!! They had the history from the first little satellite through to the missions to the massive international space stations which last for many months.
    What was funny is that the early satellites and landings looked like a 7yr old’s school project with tin foil and bin lids or something from a v low budget 60’s film. However they had much evidence to their actual success which they have continued to build on.
    They did learn they had to teach the astronauts how to survive in extreme environments after they crash landed 150kms from the landing spot and it took them 2 days to be rescued as they were in the middle of the Siberian forest!!
    K then misread the map as we walked through the Trade Park and we ended up having to walk an extra 1-2kms to the metro home.
    Now enjoying a beer in a rooftop bar on our last night in Moscow.
    Tomorrow it’s boarding the Trans Siberian train for day/night 1!!!
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