• Day16

    Antietam/ Harper's Ferry/Shenandoah

    November 9, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

    I left Pittsburgh pretty early to get a jump on the day. The original plan was to go straight to Harper's ferry but I kept seeing signs for Antietam Battlefield and realized I was only 5 miles away. So of course I went. Hell yeah spontaneous road trips. The bloodiest battle in American history. 23,000 dead in 12 hours. That's crazy. Their movie was really interesting. Narrated by James Earl Jones. Then I continued to Harper's ferry which was much cooler and more interesting than I thought it would be. It's a really old tiny Town in West Virginia with 200 years of really important history. From the slave trade to Lewis and Clark to the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement. There is so much to see and learn but I wanted go get to camping before dark and it was starting to rain just a little. So I chose to focus on John Brown. That's where he led the raids that jump started the Civil War. His fort was renovated in 1910. Really interesting place. I could have spent days there learning about US history. Then I drove another 2 ish hours to a campsite in Shenandoah. I saw a tiny black bear cub!!!!! cross the road just in front of me. I looked around for the momma but didn't see her. It seemed weird to me that there was a bear that small this time of year. Shouldn't that happen during the spring so that the bear is big enough now to survive hibernation? I'mma do some googling tomorrow. But anyway. It's a little bit rainy. Thankfully we've avoided rain this far and it's not supossed to rain tomorrow. Hopefully it'll just continue to be misty tonight and not hit too hard. I was in 4 states and 3 national parks today!

    Sorry these all posted way late. I had no service for a while.

    More adventures tomorrow!
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