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  • Day32

    Granite Trail

    October 8, 2018 in Australia

    We then took the Granite Trail (Hyden-Norseman Road), 300 klms, passing through one of the world’s greatest untouched temperate woodlands, a vast mosaic that is both beautiful and fascinating with its patchwork of heathlands and distinctive granite outcrops, it is unique and intriguing piece of outback Western Australia. The trail has 16 designated stopping places focussed on a particular aspect of natural or cultural history, including McDermid & Disappointment Rocks, Lake Johnston, Woodlands and crossing the Rabbit Proof Fence. Many of the plants look the same from the car, but when you get out and look, there is a profusion of wildflowers. Botanists suggest there could be close to a hundred different species. Got some great wildflowers that I hadn’t seen previously as well as a picture of the fence.
    Perhaps the strongest impression of travelling the trail is the changing patterns of vegetation along the route. Some of these are dramatic from heath or shrubland to woodland and back again
    Breakaway is an area of mineralisation that hosts both nickel and gold deposits, with some very dramatic rock formations. Along this part of the route we found the tall spindly flame grevillea. Camping at the Breakaway Camp about half-way down the track. First time we’ve set up camp for 6 days, it actually feels good to be back in the bush with no-one else around but us, cooking on the gas burner, sleeping in the tent. No toilets, no showers.
    Off to Esperance again tomorrow, planning on spending a few days at Cape Le Grande as we didn’t get to do this on the way up.
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