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  • Day36

    Old Eyre Highway

    October 12, 2018 in Australia

    Drove to the WA/SA Border, arriving about 8.00 am (WA time). Drove the old Eyre Highway from Border Town, 173kms of unsealed, corrugated, rocky road to the Nullarbor Roadhouse. It was great fun when I got to drive about 20kms of it. We came across a couple of wildflowers I hadn’t seen before, but mostly plants had dried up.
    Got footage of the drive on the mobile phone and the camera, it is a drive you have to see to really appreciate it. One off Mick’s bucket list. Also got some footage of two lizards either fighting or mating, don’t know enough about them to tell which one. I’m hoping I got some good shots of two Wedge Tailed Eagles who we surprised on the side of the road and took off when we stopped.
    Camping again at Murrawijinie Caves on the Nullarbor plain. Very bloody windy, but not as bad as Le Grande, so hoping it doesn’t get worse and blow us away in the middle of the night. Still very warm for all of that.
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