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  • Day24

    Hiroshima to Osaka

    October 23, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    The major cities in Japan are connected via the bullet train or highway buses. Today, we saved a bit of cash and took the 6hr bus.
    Learning point, think before you leave a place, is anything interesting going to happen in the next 30 mins. If so, stay around.

    We got to the station and onto the bus. 6 hours free time to start getting my video editing going. Yes! As I am so far behind at the moment. But, no power 😫. So only managed a few hours before the laptop battery gave out. Ugh.

    We arrived in Osaka below a famous landmark building. A massive structure with a hollow circle at the top. How people manage to build these things, I have no idea. As we had our bags I went to find out if we were allowed to the top without them. I made it all the way to the top to find no definitive answer.
    Collected Hannah and we went to the top via a glass lift and glass elevator. Scary high! Fantastic views of the city, which sprawls off for miles in all directions, but broken up nicely with a few rivers.

    Our accommodation was unfortunately an hour and 15 away, so we had to walk and take the busy tube to the hotel. Body was totally knackered by the time we arrived.

    After a short recovery we walked to the local market which is adjacent to a river. Neon lights and people selling little squid balls. We tried a few of these and luckily purchased a beer to wash it down with. Hannah quite enjoyed them. Me not as much.

    Did a zig zag wonder back through the lights to get home.
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