• Day138

    Baking feet

    February 14, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Andrew and his dad headed off early to try out the skate park and the rest of us had a more leisurely start to the day. Then we decided to head to the beach in time to meet Andrew. Took a look at Meelup beach but Andrew suggested Castle Rock would be quieter so we quickly headed there.
    We were very British and set up some chairs and an umbrella but it was great to have some shade. After some swimming, frisbee and snorkeling, we headed to Aravina winery. The sand was so hot when walking back to the car it felt like we were actually burning our feet.
    At Aravina we tried some wine and had a look at the surf museum,which was pretty cool.
    Then we headed to Yallingup cheese to taste some local cheese and decided it was a good spot for lunch over looking the lake.
    Before heading back to the house we stopped at r
    Rivendale vineyard to do a tasting of Forester wine. We were served by an Italian man who was married to a lady from Torquay.
    We had some time to chill at the house and using the pool before we started babysitting duties whilst Bitmeads were out having a nice meal. Louis was their taxi driver and almost ran into a Kangaroo on the way home the first time. We read the boys bedtimes stories and luckily they were asleep quickly and quiet for the rest of the night.
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