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  • Day76


    June 22, 2017 in Slovenia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    And the food...

    Not necessarily Slovenian but amazing appetite crunchers..

    The first evening we visited a Slovenian 'fast food' joint called Klobarsarna. Traditional Slovenia sausage, bread accompanied by horseradish/mustard type sides..

    The Friday Food market offered food from everywhere and there was plenty of seating and the area was buzzing with people and noise. We chose some Egyptian chicken wrap thing which was out of this world. The smell as we passed by meant that we could not fail to choose it from the hundreds of stalls, lucky as I don't know how we would have picked otherwise.

    Saturday was no question, BURGER. Same market place and size as Friday but this time only burgers and beer.. heaven. Choice was harder but very pleased with what we had.

    The Thai is just for our now "traditional post Pride Thai" as we have eaten this after the previous two Pride parades too.

    The final photo is the famous Bled Cake.. taken on our visit to Lake Bled this week, we had read all about it and it didn't disappoint. Vanilla cream filled delight perfect after a walk around the lake!

    one thing is certain, definitely not going to waste away on this trip..!
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