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  • Day29


    September 3, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 10 °C

    A while ago we went to the Corvette Museum! It was cool there! We saw a bunch of cars. We saw the 1,000,000th Corvette made, it fell into a HUGE sinkhole which swallowed up 8 cars! There was a simulator about what the sinkhole looked like when it was collapsing. There was a kids zone, me and the boys spent ages there! There was a factory line, and a car workshop. When we left, through the gift shop, I got a pullback Corvette! It's cool.
    All the helpers on the train were called George. We learned that at the train museum! Aaron thought it was a blast! I... didn't. I got a nasty bruise. My favourite train car was the first class one, it had bunk beds!
    In Nashville, there was a ballgame that I really wanted to go to... but being hit with the leftovers of hurricane Harvey, it rained... a lot. The game was cancelled. I was SOOO mad! The weather must have heard me though, a tornado touched down about 2 miles north of us! Yikes! It was really scary, thunder, lightning, tornado warning sirens, not the best sleep I've ever had!
    We spent most the time resting in Nashville, except when we had the car we rented.anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this awesome blog up hit the like button if you have Read all of this and I'll see you later bye!

    -P.S. this blog would not be possible without the help of my big brother, Aaron, the smart one, the cool one, the best one, better than me, this is added by Jared I'm sure...
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