• Day57

    Bienvenidos a Mexico

    November 3, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    As we had a long day ahead, we got up at 5:30am. We were a little surprised that it was quite light already and checked our phones like 3 times. Then we realized that the time was changed to winter time over night - that made sense... 😏 Anyways, we cycled the remaining 10km to the Mexican border, followed the pedestrian signs to Mexico, passed a couple of doors and friendly Mexicans and found ourselves right in Tecate. No one checked our passport or wanted to give us the tourist card. So we looked around, found one of the friendly Mexicans and checked with him. He told us it's not necessary, but as we resisted he pointed us to a little office with the "immigration" sign on it. In order to get there, we pushed our bikes back to the US side of the border, got in the office, filled out the form, paid the fee and got our tourist card. The immigration officer gave us 180 days straight away when he heard that we are cycling 😉
    The rest of the day was up and downhill again, following the Ruta del Vino through the valley de Guadeloupe until we got to our hosts Tomas and Carmen in Ensenada. In front of their house, we saw a sign pointing to Ushuaia for the first time: only 10.693km to go (as the crows fly). We also visited the city centre of Ensenada which is pretty colorful and lively, lots of bars and restaurants full of people dancing and singing on a Sunday afternoon.
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    Ulrike Thees

    Hallo Meike, plant ihr auf eurer Tour auch San José Chiapa zu streifen? Eine gute Reise! Lieben Gruß aus INgoltown 🤘 Uli