• Day214

    Early Easter egg hunt

    April 8, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Things are getting pretty boring here. The Colombian government extended the curfew until 26 April. Plus, they changed the regulation for going out and reduced it to once per week during the Easter week. So we are staying in our hostel doing the usual: working out, reading, eating, sleeping... As it's Easter, we got a treat of pizza and Colombian rum which should get us through the rest of the quarantine. Our yoga skills are still pretty basic, but improving - and so are our cooking skills... Our personal highlight this week was the spare part of the blender that arrived yesterday, so we can finally make smoothies again 😀 Who would have thought that we spend "7 months on the road" locked-in??Read more


    I am thinking about you! I always was looking forward to my daily read of your journey. Please stay safe and healthy and keep up your positive spirit and habits. I am sure you will be back on the road again in a few weeks and your continued trip will be even more spectacular and memorable.

    CundA aus NY

    Sieht wirklich gut aus

    Florian Köppl

    Hat die Mutter Gottes einen Mundschutz auf dem Bild im Hintergrund!?! 😷

    Meike Grothe

    Ja, hat sie tatsächlich. Die wusste wohl von Corona... 🤔😉

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