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  • Day15

    Maori Rock Carvings

    February 11 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Today, was kind of a more quiet day. I slept relatively long and did not very much in the morning, except for planning the next days a bit and booking the respective busses and accomodation. In the afternoon, I went kayaking on Lake Taupo. In total, we were a group of eight including the guide Laura. I shared the kayak with Laura. It was really nice to see the surroundings from a different perspective and the kayaking was fun in general. We went to the Maori rock carvings that were only made in the 1970's but are beautiful anyway. The big carving shows one of the great maori ancestors, the small ones e.g. show Maori spirits. The lizard is quite nice as well. After admiring the carvings we went to a beach, had a swim and some coffee as well as biscuits. Then we paddled the 4 km back to our start. I enjoyed being on the water and it was good to use the arms instead of the legs after the hike yesterday😉 Tomorrow I gonna move on to the east coast.Read more