What better way to celebrate entering a new decade .... The big 30!!
  • Day16

    Day 16 - Puerto Princesa

    January 11, 2020 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    We woke to our final breakfast in Port Barton before heading to the bus station.

    We had a long 4-5 hour bus ride from Port Barton to Puerto Princesa international airport. It was a crammed bus ride with many stops dropping and picking people up.

    When we arrived at Puerto Princesa we had a 6 hour wait before our plane to Manila was due to take off. We entertained ourselves as much as we could but we were excited to be heading to Noosa to meet with the family and celebrate our exciting news and Dyl's 30th which made the wait feel even longer.

    A short stop over in Manila, enough to grab something to eat, clear customs and we were on our way to Brisbane... What an epic adventure the Philippines was.
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  • Day15

    Day 15 - Port Barton

    January 10, 2020 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Our last day in the Philippines ... We decided to make the most of it and head to a secluded beach by boat called white beach. A 15 min ride to a peaceful, quiet beach with no more than a beach shack for drinks and food.

    The water was as clear as day and the white sand made this a picturesque setting. We managed to get the drone up to take as many photos as we could, before sunbaking followed by a swim.

    We arrived back in PB and headed out to get something to eat. We found a pizza place that made the largest pizzas you can imagine. Dyl had a really good crack one while I substituted my snack for a few glasses of wine at a premium price.

    We headed back to our place, packed up our belongings and had a quick bite to eat before bed.
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  • Day14

    Day 14 - Port Barton

    January 9, 2020 on the Philippines ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    A day to remember - Dyl's 30th birthday 🎉

    We woke up after a lovely sleep in and made our way to the beach front for breakfast at our accommodation. Coffee, omlette and pancakes were on the menu this morning with a stunning view of the ocean.

    I gave Dyl his birthday pressie - to celebrate his 30th we were off to mission hills in China in July for a 5 day golf adventure. Staying in a 6 star resort with our own caddies.

    We went for a walk around the streets to explore the local markets before getting out the drone to capture the beauty of PB coast line.

    We found a modern tourist wine bar and had cheese and wine to celebrate. We then made our way to a beach shack for a sunset drink on the sand with live music and a great atmosphere .... Magic.

    Dinner was fresh fish at our accommodation followed by some wedding planning.
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  • Day13

    Day 13 - Port Barton

    January 8, 2020 on the Philippines ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    An early morning start and we were off to catch a bus from El Nido to Port Barton, roughly 4 hours.

    We grabbed some snacks and headed to the local bus station. We were crammed into an 8-10 seater van, knees up around the shoulders and we were off. Making our way down the coast, we arrived in Port Barton at 11.30am.

    Port Barton is an untouched coastal beach town with minimal infrastructure. The beach is lined with beach huts serving food and drink. The streets are very basic, littered, basic buildings and roads with no gutters.

    We checked in to our accomodations, one of the more fancier places as it had aircon. Aircon in PB is a luxury. Our room was very basic but it certainly did what we needed it too. We decided to set off and head somewhere for lunch. We walked the few blocks that make up PB and found a local place recommended by lonely planet. Plastic tables and chairs, no english spoke but great food!!

    We continued walking the streets before laying on the beach for a few hours and getting a massage.

    Dinner with rum and coke and local beer before an early night.
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  • Day12

    Day 12 - El Nido

    January 7, 2020 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    An early night after an emotional day, we woke up to some clearer skies and the sun was shining. First stop was to get nails painted and the re growth covered. Dylan met up and we went to explore Vanilla Beach and find a local cafe to have a morning coffee. We checked out and headed to our air bnb accommodation for the final night in El Nido.

    We had a drink and a bite to eat the Outpost back packers before chasing the sunset with the drone.

    After getting back to our room, we realised that all of our washing had not come back from the last place we stayed. We decided to head across town in a tuk tuk to see if we could track this down. Unfortunately they had seemed to have misplaced it. Lucky for us they compensated us for the missing items (the one and only lorna jane leggings).
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  • Day11

    Day 11 - El Nido

    January 6, 2020 on the Philippines ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    Well what a HUGE day!!

    After a 12 hour sleep we were well and truelely feeling better just not quite 100%.

    Dylan had organised a private boat to take us on a tour to see different islands in El Nido. The weather wasn't in our favour and tour C was cancelled. We rebooked to do tour B which going ahead. The weather was starting to clear for us. Our boat arrived on the beach we were staying at and we were off.

    Our first stop was papaya beach ... About a 10 min boat rude. We were the first to arrive and had the whole beach to ourselves. We walked down the beach and the sun shot through the clouds and started to highlight the beautiful water. Here I am taking photos and I turn around to see Dylan on one knee with a ring (for those who want the soppy version, hit me up privately). Let's just say I'm one lucky girl!!

    Off on the tour we went, exploring snake island, caves and beautiful private beaches before the weather turned terrible and we headed back to mainland.

    Still not feeling 100% and overwhelmed (I was anyway) we spent the afternoon resting and telling our family and friends.

    Dinner was spent overlooking the water and although we couldn't quite stomach alcohol, lemon and ginger tea did the trick!! Reality hey!!

    Hopefully some drinks tomorrow along the beach.

    My sister's reaction was by far the best - photo below (sorry Paige haha)
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  • Day10

    Day 6 to 10 - Tao Expeditions

    January 5, 2020, Sulu Sea ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    So we are slightly behind eight ball after being disconnected from reality for 5 days. We have been on a tour from Coron to El Nido, sailing through the hidden islands of Palawan.

    Lots of down time, snorkelling, delicious food and even some late night karaoke were some of the things we got up to.

    Our first three days were predominantly on the boat, stopping every few hours or so to snorkel or explore islands. We were able to swim and snorkel around an old ship wreck that had sunk many years ago and was close enough to the surface to see without diving.

    Our sleeping arrangements were beautiful straw huts on each island overlooking the beach. They simply had a misquote net, a thin mattress and a sheet ... Very simplistic.

    Day 3-5 were spent on an island at the so called Tao Farm, a beach side set up with a bar, beach beds and huts. So lovely to unwind and spend quality time together even though we were in a tour group of 23.

    Unfortunately.... Dyl and I were sick as a dog on the final night with a bug. This knocked us our for 24-48 hours. Luckily this was the last night before we arrived in El Nido at Vanilla Beach in our beautiful glamping accommodation.
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  • Day5

    Day 5 - Coron

    December 31, 2019 on the Philippines ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    New Years Eve!! This time last year we were in Puno in Bolivia.... Now we are here in Coron in the Philippines.

    Breakky and coffee from the local coffee place we found (coffee - 5/10) we had a 3 hour ride to the airport to catch a flight to Coron, a small island off Palawan. A small propeller plane that seated 40 people ... Valium almost required took an hour with some rough landing.

    We explored Coron town for an hour, grabbed a bite to eat and watched the sunset.

    We met up with our friends from Sydney at a rooftop bar overlooking Coron, $5 cocktails saw us into the NYE with a huge display of fireworks. Safe to say the Pina Colada's will not sit well today whilst sailing on the water.

    Island life for the next 5 days 🌞🏝️
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  • Day4

    Day 4 - Moalboal

    December 30, 2019 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Attempt 2 - up at 3.30am for our sunrise tour at Osmena Peak. Our driven Ruben was waiting for us on a motor bike.... We jumped on the back and we were off. It was a 1.5 hour ride up the top and we made it just in time for sunrise. Our guide knew the perfect angle to get the best photos over looking the mountain creations. Back on the bike and we were off to kawasana falls to canyoneer through the falls. As people who aren't adrenaline seekers, this was nerve racking but worth every step. From jumping off cliffs, climbing the falls and swimming through the crystal clear water, it was unreal. Dyl managed to make the 6 m jump but that was the limit.... I called it quits after the 4 m jump. 3 hours of navigating rocks, body weight and adrenaline ... We were pooped!!

    An afternoon siesta and a few hours by the beach in the afternoon with a bottle of rum to watch the sunset was exactly what we needed.
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  • Day3

    Day 3 - Moalboal

    December 29, 2019 on the Philippines ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Up at 3.30am ready for a sunrise at Osmena peak.... Our driver was late so we decided to reschedule for the next day .... Back to bed for an extra 5 hours of sleep to catch up on what we have missed the last few days.

    A quick breakky at the local guesthouse and we off to explore the town and what was on offer. We found a beach shack off the beaten track that was peaceful for some $2 rum and coke and $2 beers over looking the beach.

    We snorkelled for a few hours and saw sardines and a TURTLE .... He was spectacular!! We followed him in the coral for a while before making it back in before dinner.

    The sunset is too good to miss down here, we caught the last glimpse before heading for a quick bite to eat and an early night.
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