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  • Day38

    Copan Archaeological Site

    February 3, 2017 in Honduras ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    The ruins of Copan were probably not as big and impressive as Tikal or some of the ruins in Mexico but what was really nice was that there were not that many people around. You could just walk to the ruins from town with 10 minutes and then it was a nice stroll through trees filled with macaws.
    Also the ruins had a lot more sculptures and hieroglyphic carvings. Unfortunately a lot was reconstructed and the originals are in the museum at the visitor center (which we skipped).

    There were some more ruins of residential buildings a bit further down the road. On my map it looked like you could take the "nature trail" to get there. So we took this trail till we ended at a wired fence. But as it should be the right way we just found a hole in the fence and kept on walking. We followed a path along the river through high grass. Probably not the best idea in a country with a reputation like Honduras but the map still showed we were on the right way. We climbed through two more fences and crossed some fields till we finally made it to the final fence protecting the ruins. But this ruins were part of our ticket and as we had made it that far we decided not to look for a proper entrance but just slide under another fence to get inside. The ruins were nice but the bigger adventure was really probably how we got there. We never figured out if the was a proper way connecting the two sites and on the way back we sticked to the road instead of trying again.
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