Travelling with the non-profit organization up with people, our group consisted of 150 students and staff members from 22 different countries. We were performing a show, doing CI and living in host families for 1 year.
  • Day373


    June 23, 2000 in Portugal ⋅ 23 °C

    As it was our last city, all of us were hosted in a special allocation, meaning that 160 people were sleeping in a huge Gymn. Our sleeping room was our dressing room and the stage was set up just outside the gym. Mum came to watch the rehearsal and the show. One day we went to a bull fight and I was so glad that I wasn't able to see that. I think I didn't sleep at all these last 6 days. I was probably crying nonstop during the last therre days experiancing all emotions, one could have, at the same time, for the year was over. At the last evening the whole cast was crying on stage, performing the show and after a banquet I flew home with Mum.Read more

  • Day370

    Matosinhos, São Felix da Marinha

    June 20, 2000 in Portugal ⋅ 19 °C

    On our travel day to Matosinhos we stopped at the famous window cellar of Sandemann, where they produce port wine. I am hosted again in a special allocation, sleeping with 25 members of our cast in another school. Actually my Mum is in Portugal now, too and she wanted to come and see our last show. But the phone number of her hotel, she gave me, doesn_t work. How do we meet now? Finally a nice woman in a shop found out for me that the name of the hotel and the phone number just changed, two days ago. Welcome to Portugal! Now I could call my Mum. During the show almost the whole stage collapsed so we had to stop the show and the fire service had to come and strike the stage, for noone was allowed to enter it again.Read more

  • Day365


    June 15, 2000 in Portugal ⋅ 30 °C

    Me and 45 other members of our cast were hosted in a special allocation, meaning that we slept on mattresses in a school. so there was a lot of fun and little sleep. We did a show for 3000 school kids and the hall was cooking.. doing promotion for our show in Veseu, I went through the city with a big cardboard sign on my back with the show information in english. All passers by had to translate the text into portuguese and write it on another cardboard sign on my chest.Read more

  • Day359


    June 9, 2000 in Portugal ⋅ 12 °C

    we had an open air show in a park in gois next to a river with a water fall just back stage. the other open air show was in a park in Coimbra, which had a lot of fountains. Fortunatelly it wasn't raining this day.Read more

  • Day355

    Figueira da Foz

    June 5, 2000 in Portugal ⋅ 18 °C

    Unfortunatelly I was sick one day and stayed at home. But I wasn't spared the community involvement, for my host Mum had a day care and she thought, it was a good idea, that I could play and sing all day with her kids while a was at home... On our only day off this month my room made and me, we were supposed to do the same thing but we escaped at the beach with our host sisters.Read more

  • Day352


    June 2, 2000 in Portugal ⋅ 25 °C

    my host dad was German, having travelled in UWP some years ago. so it was long nights of talking about up with people and little sleep... We did an open air show in Lisboa in a park. And being on stage you had a perfect view on the sea. In Portugal all shows were for free. the audiance just had to bring in some foot, which we donated to a food banc.Read more

  • Day348


    May 29, 2000 in Spain ⋅ 19 °C

    After a 27-hours-busride we arrived in spain. it's a little bit unusual, having dinner at 11 pm. but my host family is cool and our host brother showed Madrid to us on our day off. On my birthday we were supposed to have an open-air show with an audiance of 10000 people. But when the show was just supposed to begin, there was suddnly a heavy thunder storm and we had to hurry up to strike the lightning trusses. But the audiance wouldn't leave, so we went out and did a a cappella show while it was raining cats and dogs. But I think, it was the best show ever.Read more

  • Day344


    May 25, 2000 in Belgium ⋅ 12 °C

    During CI in a home for elderly peole I met an old former soldier, who had spent some time in Germany. And he made me laugh so hard singing all these old German love songs to me.

  • Day341


    May 22, 2000 in Belgium ⋅ 13 °C

    We did CI in a refugee camp, doing a little show for them and playing foot ball with them. Later some of the refugees came to see our show and they did everything to make me laugh while i had to do the manacan at our admission booth.Read more