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  • Day25


    June 7, 2015 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Yesterday after breakfast, Damaris and I went together to Villavicencio, the town where she studies. Besides, here a living two friends of mine: Daniela, my flatmate from the first semester in Mexico, and Vanessa, the one from the second one. Damaris had to meet up with some classmates (and later went back to Puerto López), while I went with Daniela for lunch.
    Afterwards, I left my stuff in Daniela's house and we waited for some friends to pick us up, because we wanted to go to a swimming pool at a hotel. But obviously nothing here works according to “german time“: they guys had problems with their car, so it took them eternal to arrive, plus they drove a wrong way, for which it took another hour from the house to the hotel. When we finally arrived, it was already getting dark (remember: sunset in Colombia is at 6pm all year) and we just relaxed there a bit, drinking aguardiente (the typical colombian licuor). Besides two other girls, all of them were on a weekend trip from Bogotá, most of them guys (which ment we paid only our taxi home and the entrance for the club).
    Later, we went to the famous nightclub Capachos, which has different floors for electro&vallenato, salsa and one for Mexican music. Even better is, that starting from 2 am they had loads of gratis food outside. Around 4 we went back to the hotel of the guys for the after party. It wasn't as easy as it sounds: we had to climb a barbed wire and many of the girls who wore high heels couldn't walk anymore (I was really lucky I just took my flats), so the guys carried them. Two had to go all the way back, because Daniela lost her keys - but, gentleman like they are, obviously only the guys went in search for them.
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