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  • Day27

    Puerto L贸pez again

    June 9, 2015 in Colombia 鈰 馃寵 15 掳C

    Since I had only spent one day in Puerto López before, I came back for another two days. Today didn't do a lot, we just went to one of the rivers and had a little boat trip with two fishermen. Unfortunately, the fish didn't want to swim into the net. In the afternoon, we built a swimming pool in the backyard. After church this evening (this time I didn't go), some people wanted to evangelize me, i.e. talk about Jesus and how awesome he is - fortunately they had to leave earlier.
    The next day, we went to a close-by dancing school for kids, so I could see Joropo, the typical dance of the region.
    Again I realized that this house is a little different from the others. Not only is it directly next to the church of Damaris' parents, but also it is open all day, so the people in town come around to talk, greet or just sit in the living room for a while.
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