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  • Day50

    D50 Turkey - Selcuk

    August 23, 2019 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    A Snapshot of Our Day

    Photo 1 - Ephesus is one of the best preserved ancient cities in Turkey (Hellenistic and Roman styles) and is nestled between two mountains outside Selçuk. This image shows its most significant and impressive of sites - Library of Celsus.

    Photo 2 - This is the goddess Nike (pronounced n-eye-key), and the clothing brands inspiration. Note the swoosh in her draped clothing; familiar isn’t it?

    Photo 3 - Archaeologists hard at work, restoring old lavishly painted walls in ancient wealthy people’s homes, while listening to classical music.

    Photo 4 - Thousands of wall fragments awaiting restoration - archeology is one giant jigsaw puzzle that cant be rushed.

    Photo 5 - One of the many shops selling preserves in an old Greek village; Şirince.

    Photo 6 - Our lunch spot in Şirince, with its many dried chilies and eggplant bundles lining the roof. The Gozleme was so delicious we forgot to photograph it.

    Photo 7 - Authentic Turkish coffee boiled inside the hot sand contraption. The biter coffee and bite size Turkish delight, so yum.

    Photo 8 - One of the shade streets of Şirince.

    Photo 9 - One of the many Ephesus artefacts collected from the site and housed in the nearby, air conditioned museum.

    Photo 10 - The door handle of our accomodation - Amazon Hotel.
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