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  • Day41

    Last Day in Vela Luka, Croatia

    July 10 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Last day on this gorgeous, quiet island! I wasn't sure about not staying in Split or another big name city in Croatia. I thought maybe we were missing out, but this island has been a real treasure. We safely walked everywhere and groceries were close by.

    The beauty of this place will stay forever etched in our minds. Pebbly beaches are now our preference to sandy. It is so much easier with kiddos.

    The home we stayed in was spacious, so quiet and with a great view. Although not my style, it served us well and the owner even brought us fresh baked cookies on the last day. The girls favorite snack here was these pickles. They were a cross between traditional dill and sweet, just barely sweetened. So funny that this was their choice of snack, hands down everytime.

    We beached one more time at our favorite spot. It had cooled down considerably, because of some rain that had come through. Only Addy was bold enough to dip all the way in the chilly water.

    The weather made us walk a little slower and take in the sites around us more. Seth and Demi found fresh fig trees and enjoyed a few. We stumbled upon old stone work on the mountain side, which we seemed to notice everywhere after that.

    We also took a new path home and braved the cooler temps in the water to catch sea urchins. We actually were caught off guard by a big wave and thankfully nobody stepped on one as they escaped the water. After we caught and held them, my dad sent me a picture of what a puncture wound from them looks like. Ouch!!! Glad I didn't see that beforehand.

    What a memorable time we had here on Vela Luka Island! Next we make a day trip to Split, then train back inland. It's gonna be a long stint of travel, which being real just makes everyone cranky. Trying to sike myself up with the words of my little Mabel, "I got this."
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    are they urchins?


    I can't believe she has it in her hand

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