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  • Day63

    Belgrade, Serbia

    August 1 in Serbia ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    We made it to the capital of Serbia (not Siberia - I have to keep reminding myself that). The kids had a rough car ride this go around, which means our grown up energy was lower than usual. The normal kid things, "she looked at me" or " she's touching me" kind of things. Everyone was ready to get out of the car. We decided to take them to a park, feed them and the venture to the zoo before checking into our hotel.

    The girls decided they would nickname this zoo either "The Zoo of White Animals" or "The Wolf Zoo." This zoo had white lions, white tigers, white wolves, fancy white birds and white swans. Dozens of large artic wolves were spread throughout the zoo. One of them even had a baby and it was so cute! The girls were surprised to find a momma kangaroo with a little baby joey just chilling in her pouch. It was so adorable. Something a bit less cute, but still memorable was watching a hippo splatter poop all over the wall. My favorite animal, the peacock, just roamed as they pleased throughout the zoo grounds. And once we were caught off guard by a beautiful rooster hanging out behind a bush. We also saw a full grown bermise python, which reminded me how glad I am that Seth did not keep his snakes I bought him years ago. Too big for me!

    The zoo was built within old fortress walls, so you could see this cool fortress while touring the zoo. Along one of the fortress walls there was a stone ramp with ponies. One of the ponies just trotted right up to the girls and nuzzled Addy through the cage. Pretty fun! It made for a unique layout for sure. It also offered a cafe (with actual good coffee) and ice cream around every turn. They were strategic about some of these and placed one near the petting zoo and playground, so parents could relax. We definitely took advantage of this. Lastly, we hit the park. We had to pull them away for check-in, but it was fun while it lasted.

    This zoo made them miss their NC cousins, because it had some of Ada and Mae's favorite animals! We love and miss those girls!

    We ended our day with a second ice cream (made from unicorn rainbow milk) and a real burger with a bun! We have not seen a burger with a bun in quite sometime, because here a burger is just the meat usually.

    Everyone went to bed surprisingly early, despite their second ice cream. Tomorrow we are off yet again to see another piece of Serbia.
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    wait... That's not a tree!


    Serbian tree


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